Eclectic Taste scouts global food trends and
implements the freshest ones to local markets.




Cua brings the culinary diversity of Mexico City to Switzerland.It combines authentic Mexican cuisine with contemporary influencesto provide its guests a one of a kind dining and
cocktail mixology experience.



nübee makes the life of young parents a little easier. Its organic baby food products are as fresh as homemade and with its gentle production process they are full of vitamins and minerals to ensure an optimal development of your baby.

nübee – so fresh it needs to be chilled


There never seems to be enough time in the day. nübee helps you to find the extra time so that you and your little one can enjoy every minute.

nübee creates proper baby food using the best local organic ingredients. The flavoursome blends are gently coldpressed, ensuring all the essential nutrients are locked in to give your little one the greatest start

and nutritionally set them up for a fabulous future!

nübee’s proper baby food gives you and your little one more time together for the important stuff.


No more grocery shopping needed

A culinary journey to the vibrant capital of Mexico


We love traveling and this is why we created our Cua pop-up. It helps you to find the perfect escape from a hard-working day, forgetting all trouble and just enjoying life with your favorite people.

The restaurant combines the traditional elements of Mexican cuisine with contemporary cooking techniques. The pop-up invites friends to spend time together and therefore mainly serves sharing plates.

Besides the restaurant there's a one of a kind Mezcal Bar that serves an exhaustive list of Latin American wines, spirits and cocktails as well as focusing on Mexico’s national agave spirits. 

The restaurant’s minimalistic clean decor is paired with traditional Mexican handcrafted details. On weekends local DJs are turning the location into a vibrant lounge.